I have been alluding to this for some time, but it is finally here. The very impressive research foundation OMRF www.omrf.org has agreed to help all of us with clinical review of the FZ protocol from our participants on the www.mycancerstory.rocks blog, the www.facebook/groups/mycancerstoryrocks Facebook group page as well as from hundreds from my personal email correspondence. I also intend to notify similar groups run by Tamera Fields in case she decides to participate.

Please be aware, however, that in order to have integrity of data and processes, OMRF will not proactively reach out to patients, but rather patients will be required to contact OMRF. To aid in this, all of us need to reach out to our known worthy cases and remind them that if we would like themto be included in the study (and we would greatly appreciate their participation), they need to contact OMRF at:

Matt Slief


405-271-7221 a dedicated line just for this project

Also, it is very important to remind everyone that participation will require:

  1. A signed consent to participate

2. Signed releases for medical records from all appropriate providers, including all medical, path, imaging, medications etc. This will be an authorization to use or share protected health information for research purposes.

Matt Slief will get you those forms once you contact them.

Please Note: This is NOT a clinical tiral, but a retrospective review of each of our unique cases. You will not be asked to take any medicine or change what you are already doing.

I will personally go through my own notes and remind individual people to contact Matt Slief at OMRF, but I am most certain that I will inadvertently miss some. Please reach out to any known cases you think would be pertinent to this all-important study. You are part of this effort and I believe you will be proud.