My Story, Part 8

January and April 2018

So the PET scan in January 2018 was also "all clear"On Tuesday April 25, 2018, My MD Anderson thoracic oncologist entered the room and said the following, "I am going to have to ask you to leave this hospital, because we only treat patients with cancer here at MD Anderson".My PET was once again "all clear", which made the 4th consecutive whole year. And that followed a grim diagnosis and a grim outlook of no hope, no cure, nothing else we can do and simply "I'm sorry"He told me that I am the data outlier.....of all time.I asked him....point blank...."Do you believe my alternative regimen was effective in my success thus far?"He smiled and said, "Let me say it this way......I'll meet you half way and say it had an impact and that is all I'm going to say"So now I am fielding way too many calls daily as my story has spread from Europe to N America to Asia.The purpose of this blog is such that someone can read from start to finish what I endured, what I did differently and probably why I am still vertical on the right side of the grass, when I am supposed to be dead. If after reading this someone STILL needs to talk to me, I will make myself available.My theory is simple. For some reason I was spared. God isn't done with me yet. And I think one of the reasons is to help others.


Where do I go from here?

I am only one man with limited resources. But I want to make change happen when it comes to unique and alternative cancer therapies. So I am working on two things simultaneously as follows:

1. I am telling my story to as many people as possible. I am not prescribing medicine and I am not qualified to give advice on medical treatments. BUT.....I am qualified to tell my story to as many people as possible. Hopefully, as people begin trying what worked for me ,they will stay in touch and in the coming months I hope to be able to share other amazing success stories. [Hint: I already know of people other than me with success, but I won't include their stories here until (i) they have made it to 4 quarters of success and (ii) they approve of their story being told. My hope is to have an off market miniature clinical trial made up of people who were in my shoes. I can tell you I'm on the way.

2. I believe some serious change needs to occur in our drug regulatory system. For example, Fenbendazole is a decades old "off patent" formulation, meaning it is a generic that anyone can make and sell. But it is unique in that:

(i) it has already gone through human clinical trials (decades ago) as an anthelmentic (de-wormer), meaning all of the clinical trial work related to toxicity have already been done and it has, for many years, been deemed "safe for human consumption.

(ii) It's original clinical approval was for intestinal parasites and not cancer.

(iii) In order to repurpose the drug as an anti-cancer protocol would require all new and very expensive clinical trials.

(iv) No company is going to spend millions of dollars in the required regulatory work to repurpose the drug for cancer WITHOUT any proprietary protection from competition. It would be suicidal to do the heavy lifting in approval costs, only to have a generic manufacturer ride those coattails and compete the next day (And the synthesis of the fenbendazole molecule is very easy and cheap to do)

I firmly believe this is a situation where either (a) the pathway to the repurposing of the drug needs to be cheapened and shortened OR (b) The US Patent laws in combination with the FDA approval should give the party doing the heavy lifting of costs (to achieve the repurposing) some form of propriety protection such that those heavy lifting costs can be recouped.

This is only common sense.

I may be a one man effort, but I want to change that and I will work to get the word out to make that happen.

A Pharmacy Recommendation

As you have read below in my section regarding my regimen, I truly believe there are a few key supplements that contributed to my amazing story. But with all of them, obtaining the right ones with the right purity levels and concentrations is not easy. Let me save you some time and money.A member of my prayer posse is a very trusted pharmacist that can get you1. the right high purity CBD oils. Of course, he will not sell you the Panacur C, but that is cheap and readily available from a number of on-line sources.If you are interested in supplementing the fenbendazole with the right complimentary supplements, contact and tell him Joe sent you

Note: I am not doing this blog to make money in any commercial way. Everything in the regimen can be sourced by yourself easily on line. I provide Randy McAdoo's contact info as a means of convenience.

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