My Story, Part 6

Raising eyebrows at MD Anderson May 2017


The schedule I am on is to go in to Houston quarterly. I have a PET scan done on Monday and then meet with my thoracic oncologist on Tuesday. In my regular quarterly PET scan in the first week of May, 2017, my Tuesday meeting was my first sign that the positive thinking, the prayer posse, the humor, the supplements and, yes, the canine dewormer all combined "might just" be working.

My oncologist was literally stupefied. My PET was "all clear". No residual or recurrent tumor is demonstrated. No apparent metastasis.

"Are you kidding me?" 3 months earlier, In January, my PET lit up like a Christmas tree. There was cancer in my body from head to toe. And it was a terrifyingly dangerous metastasis that leaves virtually 100% of its victims dead within 3 months. Here I was 3 months later and the PET scan was completely dark......void of any light.....anywhere.

All I could think of at that moment was that I was told I would never get to meet my grandchildren. I got to meet Luke my first grandchild 2.5 weeks earlier......and now the prospects of him actually knowing his grandad just went way up.

I didn't tell my oncologist about my alternative treatment path for a simple reason. Even though the clinical trial I was on was admitted by my doctors to be only a "possible short term extension of life of maybe a year or so", I still didn't want to get kicked off the trial.

So my doctor scratched his head and said "We don't quite know what to make of this as you are the only patient on the clinical trial with this kind of response."

I left his office absolutely sure it wasn't the clinical trial drug.

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