Monday December 3, 2018

This update is not about me. It is for Shane, Scott and Steven Sturgeon and their Mom.

Above I told the story about a veterinarian who I talked to to tell me of what would ultimately become my very unlikely story. I never mentioned his name because I wasn't sure I was authorized to, given that he was a licensed veterinarian and shouldn't be prescribing medicine to humanoids.

Dr. David Sturgeon literally saved my life. And as witnessed by this blog, he has saved countless other lives. There isn't enough gratitude in this world for me to express the sadness that Dr. Sturgeon passed away recently (non cancer related). And I think there is no BETTER way to go out, then to know that he had such an amazing impact on so many lives.....and will continue to have that impact posthumously. Only an OSU veterinarian can save human lives after he is gone :)

To the boys and to their Mom, there are scores of people who will be forever grateful and beholden. But that doesn't surprise you. You already knew how special he was to so many and you don't need this blog to remind you.