Friday February 22

Many people have asked me to do a FAQ section and I agree that will be helpful. I will work on it next week and hopefully post it by the end of next week.

Other than the FAQ section, we will not post anymore to the blog until we have a more complete data-base to report. please be patient with us as this is a daunting task and will take some time. And we do this in our spare time. I apologize!

There is a new facebook page for any and all discussion regarding this blog


WARNING: As social media can be good and bad, it is necessary that I have volunteer moderators of the FB page. We will endeavor to a) keep crazies, MLM marketers and off-topic people out of the closed group, b) limit membership to cancer patients and caregivers, c) keep the discussions limited to the use of this protocol (we will not become a broad "alternatives" discussion group.

To that end, you will be required to give the password from below (proving that you have actually read this blog) and answer 3 simple questions to gain admittance