December 11, 2018

Look forward but never wait

Hope is necessary, but it is not sufficient. You also need a strategy.

The most frustrating phone calls or emails that I receive all relate to someone saying "Oh boy, I wish we had listened to you months ago. We were not certain about it back then and now it is probably too late.

Of all of the people who have taken the leap of faith (over 60 that I know about), 3 have passed away. In all three cases, the people passed away within 3 weeks of starting the regimen. That tells me they were simply too far gone by the time they started. As it takes from 8-16 weeks to show results, I get frustrated when people let months pass before getting serious about it.

Once again, I believe the minuscule risk is far outweighed by the upside return potential, so the real risk is deciding to do nothing or delay by months.

All of our lives can be summarized by one sentence:

"It didn't go as planned....and that is OK"

And part of that isn't just that you (or your loved one) got cancer. It also includes curing yourself, sometimes in unusual and unorthodox ways.

And much of my mantra and this blog is about positive thinking and hope. I truly believe hope is absolutely necessary.

"But Hope is not sufficient as we also need a strategy and hope alone is not a strategy.

My strategy was and is very simple. I wanted to throw everything but the kitchen sink at my problem. I didn't care whether I was already scheduled for chemo or radiation or brain radiation or immunotherapy. To me those were part of an already failed strategy. It didn't go as planned. I found Fenbendazole from a veterinarian supply house and now not only am I cancer free for 2 years, but I also am sure to NOT have worms. Disclaimer: I do chase cars and bark at people that knock at my door. And if you invite me over to your house, I promise I won't drag my butt on your carpet :)