December 1, 2019

Several weeks ago, a Korean TV producer asked if he could send a crew to my house to interview me. Reluctantly, I said yes. I welcomed them into my home, took them to lunch and took them to dinner before putting them back to the airport. Now I find out that the entire TV show was nothing but a hit piece to discredit me. It took me several days to translate the show, and there are over 20 lies, misrepresentations, mis-reading of medical data I shared with them and it is CLEAR that someone in Korea wants the viral nature of this story there in Korea to be shut down. Further, someone from Korea is screen-shotting this PRIVATE group's posts and spreading them around the world. So I am instructing the admin and moderators of this group to delete any and all Korean posts and, unfortunately, remove Koreans from this group. This is NOT DONE DUE TO THE Terrible TV BROADCAST, but because Koreans in the group ignored the agreement to keep all information confidential and began blasting the closed, private group's information across the web by screen-shot'ing information. It is unfortunate that the Korean people are the ones that will suffer, but I refuse to expose people in this group from malicious behavior. . I don't have time to do a proper rebuttal. If it were in an English speaking country, I most definitely would. These people (the Korean TV network) are dispicable human beings.