April 12, 2019

The quest for non traditional means of curing cancer is a global one.

A German videographer/researcher/documentary producer stehan Stephan Stahl has just released a 2 hour and 23 minute documentary covering a large variety of methods, stories and successes.

I highly recommend watching the entire 2.4 hours of the documentary. Stephan Stahl apologizes for his English as German is his native language and he simply didn't have the budget to hire a native English narrator.

You will see in the movie many other things familiar to you including the Care Oncology/Jane McLelland repurposed drugs as well as others.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching the entire movie

The discussion of repurposed drugs begins at the 1hr mark

He covers my story at approximately the 1h07min40sec mark of the movie. Enjoy

Be sure and click on the English version


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